Isostevia - Stevia


A unique product

It is considered by many to be the sweet of the millennium, not so much for its sweetness value, but for its zero caloric properties and its beneficial effects on the human body.

Below one can find a list of some of the basic properties of Isostevia, which characterize it as a truly unique product.

  • It contains no calories
  • Ideal for overweight people
  • Gives an excellent taste in drinks/beverages
  • Great for baking at high temperature
  • Ideal for cakes
  • No effect on blood sugar levels
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • No effect on blood pressure
  • Suitable for hypertensive
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • It is not toxic
  • Doesn’t reduce the dental quality of out teeth

Available in the following packaging:

  • Powder (500g)
  • Powder (250g)
  • Sticks (300 items)
  • Sticks (50 items)
  • Liquid (60 ml)

Available in Selected Food Stores and Pharmacies.