WISH Healthy Nutritional Products


Wish... for Health and Pleasure!!!

Proper and balanced diet is the key to healthy growth and the prevention from numerous diseases. The Atcare Ltd offers an integrated health product series and created Wish Healthy Nutritional and Natural Snacks in order to fulfill the Wish for Health and Pleasure! 

From the purest raw materials based on the Mediterranean diet (such as honey, dried fruits, nuts, tahini, cocoa and whole grains), a product line full of taste and pleasure and rich in nutritional value, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants was created.


The Greek family of Wish series, no added sugar, includes:


Wish Bars, Natural Energy Bars
Wish bars are made from pure natural ingredients: Honey, Nuts, Dried Fruits! Rich in Energy, Fibre, Minerals & Antioxidants. Choose among 7 flavors: Fig, Plum, Chocolate, Apricot, Orange, Tahini, Cranberry.


Wish Delicious Chocolate

Delicious Chocolate with Unique Taste

Taste them in 10 flavors: Dark, Dark with Omega 3, Dark with Orange, Dark with Almond, Dark with Hazelnut & Raisin, Dark & Milk, Milk, Milk with Almond, Dark with Stevia, Milk with Stevia!



Wish Spread, Hazelnut Praline Paste

Indulge yourself in the unique aroma and taste of Wish Spread avoiding extra sugars and calories! Enjoy the unique combination of hazelnuts and cacao at Wish Spread or the tasty miracle Wish Full Energy Spread with Honey, Tahini, Cacao, Oil and Hazelnut, inspired from the Greek tratidion!



Wish Bite, Milk Chocolate Covered Wafer

A chocolate explosion with fewer calories, sugars and saturated fats!




Wish Biscuits, Healthy Biscuits in 2 flavors:

  • Digestive with whole meal flour, unique flavor and high nutrition value
  • Cookies with Chocolate, healthy biscuits with dark chocolate chips



Wish ChocoDrink, Drinking Chocolate with Stevia Sweetener

Wish ChocoDrink is the perfect drink for the beginning of an amazing day!




Wish Crunchy, Cereal Bar with Milk Chocolate and Crunchy Texture with Stevia

Wish Crunchy is the crispiest, healthiest and most pleasurable bar with cereals, milk chocolate and hazelnut paste.




Wish Wafer Sticks, Crispy Wave Wafers with Stevia

Wish Wafer Sticks have a unique wavy shape and are filled with rich and delicious cocoa and smooth hazelnut cream.



Suitable for everyone, they are the ideal choice for the whole family,

for people who play sports are care for their diet because of diabetes or obesity.


 no added sugar ● delicious flavor ● high nutrition value



Available in Selected Food Stores and Pharmacies.

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