Nevella - Stevia & Sucralose


Nevella Stevia

Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) is a bushy plant that originates from tropical areas of South and Central America, especially Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia is worldwide known as the "sweet leaf." In Japan, steviol (produced by stevia) is generally used as a sweetener in foods and drinks. In addition, the Guarani tribe of Paraguay used stevia (the so-called ka'a he'e “sweet herb”) as a sweetener in beverages (verba mate) and medicinal teas in order to treat heartburn and other ailments.

Stevia Nevella is made from the combination of the sweetest part of the stevia leaf and rebaudioside-A. The rebaudioside-A is extracted naturally from the Stevia plant after special separation procedure. During the extraction, it does not get altered chemically. The use of rebaudioside-A is safe and approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

Benefits of Stevia Nevella:

  • It comes from South America
  • It comes from the top of the plant which is the sweetest part
  • It has a pleasant taste
  • 100% pure


Stevia Nevella is available in:

  • Powder (75g)
  • Granular (300g)
  • Tablets


Nevella Sucralose with Probiotics

Sucralose is a sweetener with low calories made from sugar and it is approximately 600 times sweeter than normal granulated sugar. Nevella Sucralose with probiotics is ideal for people who care for their weight,  as it can be used as a sugar substitute or sweetener in a hypocaloric diet. It is perfectly safe for the whole family, for pregnant women and people with diabetes.

Due to the high thermal stability, it is suitable for baking and cooking.

After its discovery, sucralose has undergone comprehensive safety testings for more than 20 years. Today, sucralose is used in over 80 countries as sweetener. Since 2004, sucralose has been approved as a sweetener suitable for foods by the EU.


Benefits of Sucralose Nevella with Probiotics:

  • It derives from sugar
  • It tastes like sugar but it contains much fewer calories
  • It contains probiotics (1 tablespoon or 1 tablet contains probiotics equivalent to those of a probiotic yoghurt 125g)
  • It is suitable for cooking and baking, as well as for sweetening beverages and desserts
  • It can be used by people with diabetes and women during pregnancy or breastfeeding


Sucralose Nevella with probiotics is available in powder (75g).

Available in Selected Food Stores and Pharmacies.